SHEMA – Security & Risk Management

Without security, there is no true communication.
Without communication, there is no true security.

Every single advance and innovation in networking expands the opportunities as well as the dangers. Out of fear, many shrink back from embracing the new platforms, however, this will only harm their ability to communicate internally and externally in comparison to the marketplace. On the other hand, many even of the well-informed, eagerly adopt everything new with little or no thought at all to the inherent risk.

We are extremely proficient and experienced at managing IT security for enterprise networks and devices with strong tools and effective training.

Six truths about IT Security:

  1. Security is twice as important to any IT strategy than all other factors combined.
  2. Security affects if, what, when, why and how you communicate.
  3. Security threats will come from two sources: external and internal.
  4. Security threats come in two different forms: accidental and deliberate.
  5. What you think you know about security is already out of date.
  6. Security cannot be “solved” or “purchased.” It must be practised and managed.
  • Routers, Firewalls, MAC Address Filtering.
  • SonicWALL, VPN Guest Tunnelling.
  • Traffic Monitoring, Security Certificates.
  • AES – Advanced Encryption Standard.
  • AS2 – Applicability Statement 2.
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange.
  • MS Exchange Server.
  • SIP Proxy Server.