Information & Technology Consulting

We bring over two and a half decades of incomparable experience to serve the Vancouver Lower-Mainland community.

Let us help to improve your collaboration and communication between your departments and geographically dispersed teams.

  • Increase productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Let our experience bring the most for your return on investment
  • Balancing IT security risks with opportunities
  • Better means for presentations and demos for your clients
  • We will help improve your presence and hosting virtual meetings
  • Is it cost-effective to upgrade and repurpose your legacy systems?
  • When do proprietary trump open source solutions and vice versa?
  • When does it pay to be a “first adopter”? When does it pay to wait until V2. or even V3?
  • What is “vendor lock-in”, why is it undesirable and what can be done to escape from it?

Managed Services ProviderWe are here to support you at all times, at all hours.

  • 24/7 Support and Service
  • Proactive Maintenance – RMM & PSA Tools to monitor your security for all of your devices
  • Custom application development and Intellectual property administration
  • Security Awareness, one-on-one or group training and support
  • Telephone and remote PC support
  • HIPAA compliant – (ensuring your medical data is protected properly)

Main (877) 687-9154 ◊ Bellingham, WA (206) 687-9154 ◊ Langley, BC (604) 260-1213