• Experience we bring

We have built over 20 years of experience by being involved in projects on domestic and international tenders. Exposed to highly sensitive environments that have brought us challenges at all times. This is keeping us on our toes and always staying current. We have served our clients across the United States, Canada, South-East Asia and Europe.

: Ontario CA, Alberta CA, Minnesota US, Illinois US, Western-Visas Philippines, Bonn Germany, Vienna Austria, New York US,
and now in British Columbia CA, and Washington US.

  • Our Services

– Managed IT Services, 24/7 IT Support1, this applies to – but not limited to:
: Servers, Desktops, Laptop, Thin-Clients, POS, Firewall, and Network Infrastructure equipment, etc.
– Cloud & On-Site Solutions – Microsoft Office365 Applications and Email and support
– Office Network Security, extending service to Home Office
– Migration and upgrading Legacy environments,
– We build and support Hybrid models – Sizing-up environments,
– Transitioning, and integration of platforms, Microsoft & Linux based Environments (Microsoft, RedHat & Ubuntu)
– Recommendations and Training of best-practice on standardized secured environments,
– and so much more

  • The experience we can offer to our community

No place like home in these unprecedented times.” Even though our support continues to be available to our current clients, we are here to offer our experience to our local community.

These are vulnerable times, not only for our families but for our local businesses. It seems that “internet security levels” throughout the world have increased by leaps and bounds. Spammed calls, spammed emails, security breaches are overwhelming. Our firewalls and those we support have increased in activity by over 350% in the last 6 months alone. This affects how we communicate with our colleagues; this affects how we communicate with our partners that we do business with; this affects our lives. Standards that we were accustomed to, are no longer valid. We need to diversify, be flexible, adjust if we want to remain in business, and still be competitive.

Since the late 90s, IT technology started to grow in leaps and bounds and now has become the backbone of society.
It seems today we solely depend on IT technology, we can NOT function without it.

Our teams, spread between both of our offices, will

– build and support your current environment,
– continuously recommend solutions to increase productivity for your business.
– proactively address alerts and potential vulnerabilities,
– provide monthly reports on addressed tickets, patches, and upgrades, backup jobs…
– and so much more.

We will support you, keep you safe and secure as we move forward in these newly-presented circumstances that we all face.
Our prices are competitive, but our service is incomparable. Book your 1st- hour of Consultation! ON US – Free

From our family to yours, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

If there is more information you need, please contact us

Our Office in Langley, BC,
(877) 687 – 9154
20627 Fraser Hwy, Langley BC V3A 4G4

Our Office in Bellingham, WA
(877) 687 – 9154
29441 John R Rd Unit 71133 Madison Heights MI 48071

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